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Orange + Eucalyptus Hair Conditioner

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Eucalyptus Hair Conditioner also contains vitamin E and K, which means that more nutrients pass to your follicles and this can help to reduce hair loss. Your hair will feel soft and moisturized with our hair conditioner made from effective natural ingredients. Made with orange and eucalyptus essential oils for a fresh, fruity scent.

Jojoba seed oil can help your hair feel healthy, promotes hair thickness and helps with hair growth. Hemp seed oil: Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamins, mineral and fatty acids: Bkind Hair Conditioner prevents moisture loss for your hair and scalp.

At Bkind, respect is the basis of our philosophy: whether it is respect for the body, mind, environment, or animals, all these aspects are very important to us and it is, therefore, the very reason for our existence. Our body products, therefore, contain no toxic ingredients for the skin, are ecological and, above all, not tested on animals.


  • Size: 250ml