About Us

The beauty of incorporating sustainability into everyday life

ZEERO started with a relocation. Several relocations, in fact. The Founders, Ces Dolojan and Arcelya Morales have moved homes and states at least eight times in as many years. From buying homes to relocating for job opportunities, moving has actually become a bit of a science.

Moving often also means that it's become really important for Ces and Arcelya to live minimally and really evaluate the level of consumption and waste that they each produce. It becomes difficult to hide from your consumption when you have to clear out your drawers every year and pack your life into a moving box. You become acutely aware of how easy it is to buy something, use it once, then toss it in a drawer and never look back.

Ces and Arcelya saw the importance of living a life where they care for their bodies, home, and mental health in a way that puts less strain on our resources and becomes a daily practice in sustainability.

That's how ZEERO was created. Our team partners closely with mom-and-pop makers to deliver a curated selection of home goods, skincare, and personal care items. You will find a selection of vegan and cruelty-free goods in biodegradable packaging and, often, package-free for everyday living. Every day is a growing process and an opportunity to learn how to live a simple and sustainable life that brings joy to our customers and to ourselves.