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Why We Love Shampoo Bars

Our shampoo bars are handmade from all-natural and high quality ingredients by local Makers. That's not the only reason to love shampoo bars. When you buy shampoo bars from RitualElement, you're not only supporting small businesses who make their products in the USA, you're also contributing to reducing environmental waste.

Here are three reasons why we love shampoo bars:

Shampoo Bars are Better for the Environment

Since the creation of plastic, 9.2 billion tons of plastic have been produced, only 9% of which has been recycled.

Plastic isn’t biodegradable, which means every piece of plastic ever produced still exists on the planet, filling landfills and, in many cases, making its way into the ocean. Single-use plastic used for packaging products like shampoos and conditioners contribute considerably to landfill waste.

When you buy shampoo bars, you're eliminating the single-use plastic containers, and in most cases, you'll get very little packaging or recycled packaging material that is biodegradable. 

Shampoo Bars Are Great for Your Hair

Made from all-natural products and free of parabens and sulfates, shampoo bars are great for strengthening your hair and they're safe and gentle to use on most hair types. Your skin is the body's largest organ and using all-natural shampoo will reduce the amount of chemicals you're absorbing into your skin and reducing hair build-up, which means you'll have a healthier scalp and reduce the likelihood of developing dandruff.

Double Duty Shampoo and Body Wash

In many cases, your shampoo bar can also be used as body wash. Shampoo bars have the added benefit of leaving your skin feeling moisturized and soft. Go ahead. Toss that chemical-laden body soap an opt for a more natural shampoo bar/body soap combination for a simpler and eco-friendly daily shower routine.


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