How to shop sustainably: tips for eco-friendly grocery shopping

How to Shop Sustainably: Tips for Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping

It’s a movement—an unwavering, unyielding call to action. We have to make better choices and take the steps necessary to shop sustainably. We must support businesses that are dedicated to creating environmentally-friendly products and produce, as well as those that recycle, reduce packaging waste, and promote eco-friendly practices. 

We must also be mindful of our own consumption habits, avoiding over-purchasing and choosing items made with recycled materials or post-consumer products wherever possible. 

But how exactly do we shop sustainably? Everyone needs to eat—how can we make sure the food we buy is both nutritious and eco-friendly? How do we navigate the grocery store aisles with sustainability in mind?  

Here are some tips to help you learn how to shop more sustainably. 

How to Shop More Sustainably

Tips for eco-friendly grocery shopping

Understanding how to shop sustainably is an art form. You never want to sacrifice flavor, quality, or nutrition, but you also don’t want to contribute to the problem.  

Here are some eco-friendly grocery shopping tips that will help you make smarter choices when learning how to shop more sustainably. 

Tip #1: Buy Local and Organic

Local and organic foods are always the best option when you’re trying to shop sustainably. These products are typically grown without the use of damaging chemicals, pesticides, or other synthetic inputs that can harm land, water, and air quality. 

Opting for local farmers also supports your local economy and reduces food miles. Food miles refer to how far a product has traveled from the time it was grown or produced until it reaches your kitchen table. The shorter the distance, the better. 

Tip #2: Shop Seasonally

When you have access to items all year round, it’s easy to forget that food comes in seasons and certain produce is only available at certain times of the year. Shopping seasonally means you’re getting fresher, tastier food with less impact on the environment due to fewer transportation miles and energy use for refrigeration and storage. 

Your local grocery store will have signs letting you know what is in season, or look online for seasonal charts that provide a list of what’s in season where you live. If you can’t find something in season, try checking the freezer section of your grocery store. 

tips for eco-friendly grocery shopping from Zeero

Tip #3: Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is an excellent way to reduce waste from food packaging and save money. The larger the package, the less packaging you have to dispose of or recycle after your purchase. Buying products in bulk also ensures that you’re getting the freshest food available and helps reduce the amount of energy used for packaging and transportation. 

When you’re shopping in bulk, make sure to read labels carefully so that you know how long a product can be stored before it goes bad or how much waste will result from your purchase. 

 Tip #4: Avoid Single-Use Packaging

Single-use packaging is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to how much waste we generate during grocery shopping trips. To reduce your plastic consumption, look for bulk items that are not individually wrapped in plastic or choose foods that come in recyclable or compostable packaging. 

If you do buy items with single-use packaging, be sure to find a way to reuse or recycle the container before tossing it in the trash. If your city offers curbside recycling, search online for recyclable symbols and how to dispose of each item properly. 

Tips for eco-friendly grocery shopping from Zeero

Wrapping Up

Shopping sustainably isn’t about sacrifice—it’s about making smarter choices. With the tips above, you can learn how to shop more sustainably without compromising your values or wallet. 

At Zeero, we’re doing our part to make sustainable shopping easier. Our entire collection is cruelty-free and made with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients that are safe for composting. On top of that, our packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled materials or post-consumer products whenever possible. 

We believe living sustainably doesn’t require radical lifestyle changes—it can start with small steps. Shop the Zeero collection and make a positive impact on the environment today. 

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