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Eco Tour: A 200-year-old farmhouse stay in Ibiza

"The Farmhouse" retreat in La Granja, Ibiza

Situated in the pastoral interior on the island of Ibiza lay 25 acres of majestic orchards and pine groves serenely situated near a 200-year-old farmhouse. A combination of boho materials is paired with a classic minimalist aesthetic, creating a feeling of airiness with a lived-in comfort.

The Farmhouse is a members-only retreat made up of 9 guest suites and a 2-bedroom guesthouse, featuring an infinity pool and an outdoor bar.


Hammered iron hardware, light wood furniture, and a color palette that draws from the surrounding terrain. Enjoy a meal outdoors nearly year-round thanks to the moderate Mediterranean climate.

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Locally crafted woods and sustainable materials are the cornerstones of this breathtaking property. Restored doors and other materials around the property are paired with modern fabrics and furnishings, making this property a perfect combination of new and old that recede delicately into the breathtaking view of the island.

Cozy up to the outdoor bar that's artfully designed around the surrounding trees and landscape. Enjoy a handcrafted cocktail made from ingredients sourced by the on-premise farmer and grown in the community garden.

After a few cocktails, meander around the property gardens for a self-guided tour or join a local workshop to learn more about sustainable gardening practices and the history of this boutique hotel.

In partnership with La Granja retreat is the community group Friends of a Farmer, which sponsors workshops and retreats for its members.

Chef José Catrimán develops the menu which consists almost entirely of ingredients grown on the farm or sourced around the island like the daily catch of fresh fish.

Dine with other members along the community tables where lively conversation can sometimes last long into the evening hours.


Surrounded by cascading terraces used for comfortable seating but also strategically placed by the local farming community to deliver water and other vital resources to the garden and livestock.

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