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5 Design Tips to Enhance Your Small Bathroom

Whether powder rooms, apartment units, or cottage sized homes, we’ve probably all had a small bathroom. The question that pops up with these spaces is how does one make this space look AND function well?? It can be a challenge to decorate and design these smaller spaces, we get it. That is why we have put together our top five designer tips on how to create the perfect tiny bathroom.  

  1. Open Shelf Storage  

small bathroom tips - floating shelves

While it is often a good thing to have closed storage cabinets and cubbies to keep messy clutter out of sight, having this in a small bathroom can actually make a tiny bathroom feel even smaller due to the visual space a cabinet takes up. Instead, opt for open shelves. You can display practical things like baskets with extra towels or glass jars with cotton balls and Q-tips to create a nice visual display. This helps to create a more open feel for your small bathroom.  

2. Medicine Cabinet Mirror 

tips for maximizing a small bathroom - mirrored medicine cabinets

Every bathroom has a vanity mirror, but if you want a little extra storage space, try a medicine cabinet. These clever units not only act as mirrors, but are a perfect place to store those unsightly first aid kit supplies and personal care products such as razors and toothbrushes.   

3. All White Walls 

Tips for making a small bathroom look bigger

In a bathroom, you want the energy to feel light, refreshing, and clean! Nothing says that better than white walls. White is also the perfect paint color for small spaces, such as tiny bathrooms, as white visually acts to create the illusion of a larger space. If you are worried about the room feeling a bit to blah, you can definitely add some color through towels, bath rugs, and even some wall art.  


4. Small Scale Floor Tile 

small bathroom tips - small scale floor tile

When it comes to flooring, a small scale floor tile such as a mosaic is the way to go. This is for a couple of reasons. Not only does a small scale tile work with the smaller size of the room, fitting the room proportionally, but mosaics can also be wonderful design feature. There are so many shapes, colors, and layout for this floor tile, that it can really make a statement in a small space.  

5. Floating Vanity 

5 tips for maximizing a small bathroom - floating vanities

In small spaces, every inch of square footage counts. Typical vanities can seem bulky and take up a lot of space in a tiny bathroom. Instead, try a floating vanity. These cabinets still offer a great amount of storage space, but they help to make a bathroom feel larger since the cabinetry is off the floor. They also make cleaning a lot easier, since you don’t need to get around tight corners and awkward areas.  

Try these design tips into your small bathroom to maximize your small space, but also to create a stunning room as well.  

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